The Carnival Dream

What is better than words? Pictures! Check out these pictures from the Carnival Dream. 

Tea time on days at sea are great for any dessert lover! All the girls in our party got together to enjoy it the first day at sea.

 View of the Carnival Dream from the pier in Cozumel Mexico.

This is a view of the balcony from the inside of an Ocean View Suite. There were 3 chairs and a small table on the balcony. It was located on deck 7 which was neat since you could look down on to deck 5 and do some people watching. 

View from the balcony looking toward the rear of the ship.

 Inside the Ocean Suite. The bed on the left is actually the sofa which was converted to accommodate the children in the cabin. There were no pull-mans beds in this cabin.

 Here is part of the water works area. They also had 3 larger water slides as well as swimming pools and Jacuzzi tubs located throughout the ship. Including 2 in the adults only area. 

This is the midnight buffet for Mexican food. 

 It was a little chilly this night so the deck wasn't crowded for the deck party. We had fun though! The camp carnival people were handing out toy prizes and glow sticks for the kids dancing.

 The Ocean Suite has a Jacuzzi tub but it is VERY narrow. 

View of the Jacuzzi tubs on deck 5, from deck 7. The water is not hot in any of them, but it was nice since the air was warm. They are drained and cleaned nightly.

 Everyone's favorite buffet! The midnight chocolate buffet. 



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