Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures in Orlando, FL

What a wonderful day! My husband and I spent our 10 year anniversary at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in May. We started in Universal Studios and zipped through all the stuff we wanted to see super fast. We were surprised considering we were there on a Saturday! We hardly waited in any lines. If you go, check out Revenge of the Mummy! It was awesome. Men in black was fun too.
We grabbed a quick lunch in City Walk at Panda Express before heading to Islands of Adventure. There are many more choices if you eat in CityWalk just outside of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. 
At Islands of Adventure we went straight to Harry Potter World! The lines were decent here too. The castle was so awesome, the Dragon Challenge was pretty fun as well as the Flight of the Hippogriff. The highlight for us was the Forbidden Journey which is after the castle tour. For those that don't want/can't ride the Forbidden Journey they have an exit or waiting area right before the ride. We went back to Islands of Adventure on Sunday and it was a little bit busier and we waited about 40 minutes to ride the Forbidden Journey, but it was nice because the first time we didn't stop and look at everything in the castle. Make sure you take a look at the Mandrakes!
The worst part of our day was that we wasted time on 2 rides. Posiden's Fury was the most boring show I've ever been through! It is a walking tour/show and multiple people kept slipping out of the emergency exits. The other ride we weren't impressed with was the Pterodactyl flyers. The line is ridiculously long for the quick ride that you get.
On Marvel's Super Hero Island, I LOVED the HULK roller coaster. Spider man was fun too. We ended the day having dinner in City Walk at the Latin Quarter. The food was delicious and I suggest the guacamole made table side! 
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The book store in Seuss Landing

The Cat in the Hat ride was cut but you really get jerked around in the carts. Be cautious if you have back or neck issues.

Welcome to Hogsmede! 

The entrance to the Three Broomsticks.

This is the family platter they offer, it was delicious. 

I think this couple must have drank to much butterbeer or they were under a spell. We found them behind the Three Broomsticks.

Butterbeer is so yummy. Grab some to drink while you enjoy the frog chior. 

Ride a Hippogriff was a fun roller coaster that is not to fast or big.

Entrance into the Hogwarts Castle.

How is your house doing?


This hall was very cool. All the portraits talk to each other.  

Portrait of the Fat Lady.
Password Please! 

Neat stuff to check out on Marvel's Super Hero Island. 

The miniature golf area in CityWalk

Whenever I go out to eat with friends, we can never decide where to go! The Porch of Indecision is the perfect spot for us!

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