Perry's (our) Adventure at Epcot

While visiting Epcot my kids were very excited to be recruited by Agent P (Perry the Platypus) and pick up a F.O.N.E (Field Operative Notifications Equipment) to start their first mission. 

7 countries in the World Showcase at Epcot offer missions for those young and old (yes, we saw older adults without kids doing it!) Each mission stays within the country visiting various areas. Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Japan, France and United Kingdom pavilions offer missions.

Basically you pick up your F.O.N.E from one of the many kiosks or recruiting stations as Disney calls it, located throughout the World Showcase and get instructions from the Cast Member on what to do. The great thing about being an Agent is you can choose which country you do! 

We started off at the first country, if you go to the left in World Showcase after entering the park, Mexico. Most of it was inside which was nice to stay in the air conditioning for a little while, plus it was raining that day! The downside to Mexico is that the isles in the little marketplace are narrow making it difficult to maneuver through the crowds. Plus, since it was raining out, Donald was visiting guests inside adding to the crowd. Because it is so dark in Mexico it's hard to see everything too. We loved how stuff would start to move when the F.O.N.E activated it. 

I felt like we moved around more in Japan compared to the other countries. I think the country is just spread out a bit more. It's worth looking at all the landscaping in Japan anyway!

 A message lights up on the rock!

We liked France the most. This was the busiest country for being an Agent it seemed. We had to wait a few times for others to finish up before we could activate our mission.
The kids loved watching Perry on the zip line in the sky! Now you see him, now you don't!

There are a few areas like this where you watch the window/screen for more instructions. For some reason we had trouble getting this one to activate but after stepping away from the screen and hitting replay we were then able to go back and watch it. This is the bookstore in France.

The kids loved watching the doors open to see Dr. Doofenshimirtz running from a hammer in Germany. Agent P. also pops out of a flowerpot. 

The only thing that I really disliked about going on missions in Epcot was that A. it took up time. :) There is so much to see and do in the parks beyond the regular rides and shows that you really need a full week to take advantage of everything Disney offers! and B. the phone deactivates after 10 minutes. We got distracted by a Princess 1/2 way through a mission and while waiting in line to meet her, the phone ended the mission and we had to start over. I wish they would add a pause feature or give us more than 10 minutes.  Other than that, you have to become an Agent on your next Mission, I mean vacation!

Perry the Character is not currently a character you can meet in any of the Disney parks. But you can visit Phineas and Ferb over in Hollywood Studios. 

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