Make your vacation worry free!

Here are just a few things to help you on your next vacation!

It never hurts to be covered! There are a variety of insurance options available and it varies with where you are traveling to. Insurance can cover everything from needing to cancel due to an illness or loss of a job to lost baggage and missed connections. Some insurance policies cover pre-existing conditions as well. Check with your travel agent for more details on how to cover your travel investment.

As soon as you book your vacation get out what ever documents you will need to travel and confirm you have everything you need and nothing expires within the few months of your return! Before travelling give someone a copy of your passport. In the event that you misplace it while traveling you will at least have your passport numbers to make arrangements to get you back home! Another good idea is to take a copy of your passport with you and store it in a different location than where you keep your passport. While passports are the best choice when traveling outside of the country, birth certificates ans state issued photo ID is accepted on some cruise lines. If you are using a birth certificate and drivers license to travel, do the same!

Contact Information
Leave a copy of your itinerary with a family member as well as the contact information for where you will be staying. By designating one person to have your contact information will guarantee that they only contact you in the event of an emergency. Also, let them know your travel agents information in case they have trouble getting a hold of you on vacation!

Cash, travelers checks, credit cards.... What is best? We suggest a little bit of cash and use a card. By using a credit card you get extra security. If your card is lost or stolen you can cancel your card and the company will offer you some protection against unauthorized charges (check with your card).

Mail and packages
Don't forget to arrange for someone to pick up your mail while you are away or contact the post office to arrange for your mail to be held. USPS website makes it easy to have your mail held while you travel. Also designate someone to check in on your hose to make sure there are no packages delivered while you are away. It doesn't hurt to have someone peek in and make sure things are secure while you are away either!

Pets staying home
Designate a friend or family member for the kennel or pet care company to contact in the event of an issue with your pet. There is nothing more stressful than getting a call from the kennel to tell you your pet is depressed and misses you while you are in Mexico... Discuss with your designated person what your dog might need and what you want done in case your pet needs to visit a vet while you are away. Make sure the kennel or animal care company has the designated persons information too!



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