Yummy food aboard the Carnival Liberty

Let's face the facts, we all LOVE to eat. Especially when we are on vacation. I have many friends that are hardcore health nuts, but when on vacation, they throw all the rules out the window! For our family, dessert is a must and it's even better if we get to have it multiple times a day! Here are a few dining options beyond the dining room that are available aboard the Carnival Liberty! 

Guy's Burger Joint made delicious burgers. We had to eat here a few times throughout our cruise because the burgers were so flavorful. For some reason I didn't get a picture of any of the many burgers we consumed... All we could think about was eating them! My favorite was straight up! 

Lunch at the Mongolian Walk is always a nice change from the usual cruise buffet fare. You fill a bowl with all your favorite vegetables and hand it over to be cooked up with beef, chicken or seafood and tossed in your choice of  3 different sauces.

All of Carnival's ships have a pizza shop open 24 hours. Some of the ships are better at having pizza ready, while others wait till you arrive and request what you'd like. Nothing amazing, but it was good enough.

We fell so in love with the burgers at Guy's that I kept forgetting the Blue Iguana and didn't eat there till lunch on the last day! I wish I would have tried them earlier in the week because I would have loved to enjoy it again. Since our room was just below the buffet area, we always went up the far rear stairs to grab breakfast and take back to the room. Because of that I always forgot that the Blue Iguana was opened for breakfast! It is near the pool area outside of the buffet rooms. They also do a late night chips and salsa bar on one of the deck party nights.

There are multiple soft serve ice cream stations throughout the buffet area, so if one is closed, just look around for another. One of my kids favorite things on a cruise is to grab some ice cream before bed!

Passed the Taste Bar one night when it was opened. Honestly, I can't remember what it was, but it tasted good.

Alchemy Bar is the best place for a good drink! Not only did it taste amazing, they treat each drink like a piece of art work.

No cruise is complete without a chocolate buffet! Carnival holds theirs during lunch on the last day of the cruise. I wish they would do it as a midnight buffet again! Or maybe AFTER lunch!


A couple of drinks that I ordered by the pool. While they costed the same amount as the other bars throughout the ship, it didn't seem like there was any alcohol in them.
1st and last day drinks aboard the Carnival Liberty!

I always thought it silly to buy cookies from the sweet shop on-board the ship when we could simply walk up to the buffet and get cookies. My amazing representative with Carnival had these delicious cookies delivered to our cabin the first day and OH MY GOODNESS they were GOOD! soft and chewy and delicious flavor. I plan to have a box delivered to our cabin every time we sail on Carnival!

Want to try these delicious cookies on your next Carnival cruise? Mention you read about them on our blog and when you book a 5 night or longer cruise I will send you a box as a Bon Voyage gift! 
Book by July 31, 2014 and also receive a $25 ship board credit in addition to any other promotions that are running when you book! 

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