Port of Oranjestad, Aruba

In Aruba, you have to pay to use most of the restrooms. We had a great tour guide who advised us of the cost at each stop. Just 15 miles north of Venezuela is a beautiful island that is outside of the hurricane belt.

Our first stop on the tour was where we used the bathroom since it was free! Extremely tiny stalls, your knees will touch the door when you close it. :-) The Casabari Rock formations can be a difficult climb. While there are railings on spots going up, don't count on them offering more than a spot to lean on. That being said, my daughter with dwarfism was able to do it with some assistance. Of course I was freaking out about her leading the way the whole time! 

Beautiful panoramic views of the island can be taken at the top of the highest rock formation.

Don't forget to check out the restaurant and try some local beer across the street from the small park.

Aruba is a truly beautiful island. There are many natural, untouched areas to explore. 

Here is the Natural (collapsed) and Baby Natural Bridge. Neither one can be crossed due to safety reasons.

Driving along the coastline you will see many, many areas of beach where there is no one around! Great for those that want some alone time with their significant other or just don't want a crowded beach!

Make a wish! Many years ago a visitor to the island stacked 3 rocks on top of each other and made a wish. Over the years many people have joined in on this tradition and you will see it in various places throughout the island.

Aruba was owned and governed by the Dutch many years ago . Because Holland is below the water level they don't bury the dead below ground. Instead they make tombs above the ground. Here was a beautiful graveyard. Each house is for a family and up to four fit in most of them. Aruba has adopted many traditions from Holland.

The famous Divi tree.

California light house.

Goats roam free throughout the island.

Pirate ship snorkeling tour.

Me with my son wandering around one of the beautiful beaches in Aruba. 

By: Jennifer
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