Review of Disney's Port Orleans - French Quarter

The food court at the French Quarter is called Sassagoula. They have stations set up where you order your food and are given a buzzer. Foods that don't have to be prepared are handed to you right away. They offer fountain and bottled drinks as well. This is where you can fill your resort mug too! We had dinner just before 6 and there was hardly anyone around. The food was pretty basic with the exception of a few New Orleans Inspired fare. Fried Chicken, pizza, burgers...
The seating area has a variety of Mardi-Gras themed items hanging from the ceiling. 

There were five (only 3 are shown) food stations and then an ice cream spot on the left side. The ice cream spot is where you can find the beignets.

 Ice cream counter

I thought the spots to tie up horses was a nice touch on the outside decor. 

There are a variety of Mardi-Gras themed statues throughout the grounds that make for fun locations to take pictures! We enjoyed wandering around the resort to see everything.

Here is the kiddie pool.

The main focus of the pool is the dragon like slide. Or maybe it is some type of sea creature. Either way, the kids thought it was very cool!

Another great spot for kids to run off some energy.

All the rooms have external entry and utilize the Magic Band system as well as the key to the world cards.

One of the best parts of staying at the New Orleans resorts is the water taxi service! Whether you just want to take a relaxing ride or you want to visit Downtown Disney for all that it offers, the ferry service runs frequently throughout the day. 

Carriage Rides are available along the river. 

 On the left is what you see as you leave the property to head to the buses or parking lots. On the right is the fountain that is located in the main lobby. As far as moderate resorts go, this is a great choice! The property is smaller than most of the other moderates, so you don't feel like a number here. It allows you to relax a little more after being with millions of people in the parks all day. 

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