Day one on the Disney Magic - Boarding and Sail-away party!

So excited to finally be at the port and ready to board the Disney Magic! This was our first time parking directly at the port and it was very easy. As soon as you pull up to the secured area they ask for identification for all adults and ask us if we are all sailing. After that, they direct us to luggage drop off. Again, super easy to drop all our luggage at the curb and make our way over to the parking garage. $120 for a 7 day cruise, ouch. We will park directly at the pier again though, it was so nice to walk right off the ship and to our car! 

Disney has port arrival times and boarding times. Our port arrival time was 12pm, but we arrived at 11am and had no issues checking in right away. We even got 1st boarding call! Didn't matter though, because we got in line to meet Pluto. We waited less than 10 minutes got a picture with him and then boarding was already onto group 6! The line moved smoothly and they have everyone stop for photos before boarding the ship. I love that Disney announces the arrival of each family aboard the ship over the lobby speakers. 

 As soon as we boarded the ship we headed straight for guest services. There was only 1 person in line ahead of us, but when I was done there was close to a dozen! When you check in at the port they give you a navigator and on the first page it lists any ticketed events that you might need to get set up for. We requested to meet the Princesses and Anna and Elsa. The timed events were so nice with lines being less than 10 minutes! 

After we got our tickets at guest services we headed up to Palo to get brunch reservations. We booked this sailing 5 weeks out and there was no availability left! We had our choice of multiple days when I checked in with them!

I was happy to see my Castaway Club member gift. Once you sail on any Disney Cruise Line Ship you are officially a member and will receive a gift in your room each time you sail. While I had sailed before, my children and husband had never experienced cruising Disney style.

A quick walk around the ship before heading to grab a bite to eat. 

It's always neat to look inside a lifeboat. They usually have at least one of these opened on boarding day. 

You have two options for lunch on the first day, deck 9, where most people will eat or Carioca's, a smaller buffet where the waiters bring your drinks for you. We enjoyed lunch at Carioca's. We had a late breakfast, so I had a light lunch.

Disney knows how to start a vacation! 

If this video doesn't get you excited for a week on a Disney Cruise, you've got issues!

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