Castaway Cay - Disney's Private Island

We arrived in Castaway Cay (pronounced Key) on a very windy day. The ship had trouble docking and had to try a few times before getting the ship settled and secured. Due to the high winds a number of excursions were cancelled. We also exited the ship an hour later than expected. Even with all of that, we still had a great time!

Stitch was greeting guests as they exited the ship. 

What a great view! As soon you pass the ship you get a glimpse of a beautiful beach begging for you to explore it!

 Disney operates on a large portion of the island, and to make it easier to get around they offer a complimentary tram. This was the first tram stop in the morning as soon as we got off the ship. We decided to walk after seeing the crowd!

 Where should we go first?

There are a variety of small shops to buy everything you need for your beach day, as well as some great souvenirs to take home.

There were bins full of sand toys in case you either forgot to bring your own, or prefer the convenience of buying them there. Plus, some of them are Disney themed! We usually drive to the port and just take our own buckets, I always make my children take 2 buckets each in case they make a friend on the beach that needs one!

Another tram stop.

We walked to the adults only beach, but then took the tram back to Scuttles Cove to pick our kids up for lunch.

There are no lifeguards at the adult beach! Make good choices when swimming.

This is the entrance to the adult beach, there were a number of hammocks but they were all full within 30 minutes of arriving on the island. In fact, most of the adult beach was full. Not in the water, just all the chairs were full. 

Since the wind was so strong, Disney did not allow any of the umbrellas to be put up! 

A bar right at the entrance to the adults beach. 

We loved all the showers located throughout the island, it was great to rinse off the sand on the island instead of in our tiny stateroom bathroom!

One of the excursions that you can do is bicycle rentals. This can be set up in advance or once you arrive on the island. We saw plenty of bicycles for adults and children at multiple pick up/drop off locations.

This is the lunch area right outside of the adults beach. Don't forget to sanitize your hands before you eat! Disney offers sanitary wipes at all of their dining locations.

Sandwich toppings bar.

Pastas and other side dishes. 

Just as on the ship, Coke products are available and included in the cruise fare.

Sauce options for your burgers.

They didn't open the ice cream machines until after the food service was up and running for about 20 minutes.

There were bowls of bagged chips at both dining locations. If you plan to hang out on the island most of the day, then I suggest grabbing an extra bag for a snack later on since the food service is only open for lunch.

BBQ Ribs.

Rotisserie Chicken.

Variety of buns for the various meats offered.

Nice big cookies! We always take a few extra ziplock sandwich bags to use for random things and this was one of them! Once lunch time is over, there are no food options (besides the fruit stand, which stayed open a little longer). I suggest grabbing a bag of chips and take bag to put a cookie in if you plan to stay on the island for awhile. Hunger never makes people happy!

The Beach side Children's Program is called Scuttle's Cove. The ship board phones work on most of the island.

Very little of it is covered so make sure you cover your child in sunscreen before you drop them off! They do serve kids lunch if they want to eat, but they don't tell them that they have to eat. I highly suggest you tell your child to eat, or to wait for you to pick them up depending on your plan for the day. My daughter ate, but my son didn't and he was cranky hungry by the time we picked him up.

There was a fun splash area to play on in the camp area.

Disney goes the extra mile with everything. Right across from the kids camp, are beach wheelchairs and wagons! These are complimentary to use while in Castaway Cay.

The trees are showing you how windy it was!

The fruit stand was open a little later than the buffets on the island.

Smoothie Station, this is not included in the cruise fare but the rates weren't too high. Makes for a nice treat.

This is the main buffet area. It was crowded, but seemed to have the same options as the adult side.

Again, a nice supply of chips.

Here is one of the play structures in the ocean. Considering it was windy and a little chilly, there were quite a few people playing on it still.

The rental shop for snorkels. They also set up excursions and other rentals here. There was no line when we passed it in the early afternoon.

What a beautiful view!

There was another platform that you could swim to and jump off of. 

The hair braiding offered on the island 

There was a decent size family fun area.
Large Connect Four game.

Ping Pong Tables

Table Chess

Basketball Hoops

An even large chess/checker set.

While on the ship there always seemed to be a wait to play shuffle board but on the island, the sticks sat there all by themselves! 
 This was supposed to be mini golf and it truly was a MINI golf course. just these two little boxes... The little ones had fun playing though. 

Disney always makes sure there are plenty of photo opportunities! 

As we were getting back on the ship the waves were splashing up onto the dock. The water was not happy!

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