Adventure Ocean - Royal Caribbeans Children's Program

The entrance to Adventure Ocean. There is only one entrance to the whole area which is where you will find one of the many Kids' Arcades on the ship, a Craft/Workshop room, Adventure Science Lab, Adventure Ocean Theater, Infant/Toddler area called PLAY, Nursery for those under 3 years of age, Aquanauts Room (3-5), Explorers Room (6-8), Voyagers Room (9-11), and Imagination Studio.

Build a Pet at Sea! There are designated times that this is open. It was almost always open from 9-10pm when parents are picking the kids up from camp. The clothes that they sell for the Pets at Sea will fit most Build a Bear animals!

The Arts and Crafts Workshop is where activities are held for all ages to enjoy. Some of the crafts have a fee and are noted in the daily planner. This room is not open at all times. There was a table of example crafts that they make right at the entrance.

Directly across from the Workshop in the main entrance hallway to the kids program area is the Kids' Arcade. 

For those with children under the age of 3, the Oasis of the Seas has this large play area for a parent to hang out and let their little one run out their energy in a safe environment. We saw quite a few little kids in there throughout the week. Some parents were playing with their child, while others got a few minutes to relax on the floor and read a book or play a game on their phone. I was very happy to see staff in there cleaning the play structures daily! This area is free to use.

The Adventure Science Lab was my sons favorite. Together as a family we participated in making a volcano with staff guidance. The only complaint was that it was on formal night, right before dinner! We all had fun though. They also take the kids as a group into the room and do activities with them. 

My cuties making their volcano. Each family got a kit to do. We saw one adult couple come in but they seemed very uncomfortable and left shortly after the staff said it was family focused. I kind of felt bad for them, who doesn't like making a mess? They did leave by choice though, they weren't told that they couldn't participate but I didn't see staff encourage them to stay.

Imagination Studio ~ Art room!

They had the barbie kit on display.

Adventure Ocean Theater

There were movies shown at various times throughout the week as well as a few sensory friendly showings.

The Voyagers room is for children ages 9-11. Children must be signed in and out of this program. You can give your child (if responsible) the right to sign themselves out after 10 years of age. All children under 10 have to be signed in and out. 

They had tablets, special computes, and a Pirates of the Caribbean themed computer. They really focused on physical activities when we sailed. There were designated times for video games. Every time that I stopped in they seemed to have everyone engaged in an activity. 

The Explorers Room is for children ages 6-8. Whenever they combined for an activity with the 9-11 year olds, they always gathered in the Explorers Room or moved to the Science Lab. If they are at capacity they typically do not combine. It is all dependent on the number of children sailing within each age group.

Same open floor space for lots of group activities. At least half of the times my daughter was in camp she returned with a craft.

The Aquanauts room is for ages 3-5 and is almost identical to the Explorers and Voyagers rooms! There was a small play structure on the one wall with a slide. The only other difference was that they had step stools at the sink area, as well as in the bathroom. My daughter was in her age group, the Explorers, but she is very short due to medical reasons and they were nice and moved a spare step stool over to the Explorers bathroom so she didn't need assistance.

Same open floor space for group games. One day when we passed by the 3-5 year old children walking through the ship and the counselors were dressed in NASA space suits and all the kids had crafted costumes on too. It was very cute to see them on their "Space Walk!"

Fun play area within the Aquanauts area.

Royal Babies! For those little cruisers under 3 years of age, Royal Caribbean offers a childcare program for a fee.

They store each child's things in a cubby when they arrive.

There was a nice sized playarea, cubbies for toys and rocking chairs. They also had the television going with age appropriate programs every time that we passed the door. While I'm not a fan of them having the tv going, at least it was age appropriate content!

As soon as your child visits the Adventure Ocean area they will get their sail and sign card hole punched and given a lanyard! This made things so much easier for the kids. When they checked into their age group they had them remove their shoes, place them in a cubby, hang their lanyard on the wall, and then wash their hands before they participated. I love routines like that!

For those that have a child with ANY special needs they offer these phones. They weren't very reliable. More than once they gave it to me when it was almost dead..

On day 2, the second time my daughter went into play they pulled this form out and said that I had to fill it out for my daughter because she has special needs... She has a rare form of dwarfism but keeps up with her peers for the most part. Nothing happened to trigger them handing it to me, at least according to my 8 year old and they said they must have forgotten to give it to me on day 1 even though I sat with a counselor on the first day with my children present and asked a hundred questions. Once you fill out this form they force you to take the phone, which I didn't want! My daughter is good on her own and honestly, I was more worried about my son whom is on the spectrum but they didn't make me fill out anything extra for him. Even after I reminded them he is the one with issues.

While Royal Caribbean lists ages 12-14 and 15-17 as being divided they seemed to have everything grouped together. The entrance to the Living Room. There were very few teens on our sailing in early September.

They did teen programs in this area including talent shows and Karaoke.

Plenty of video game stations as well as foosball.

They had a bar area for the kids to sit and chat but no drinks or snacks are served in this area. It might be for event times though..

There was an abundance of awesome sitting areas throughout the LARGE space given to the 12-17 age group. I look forward to my kids hitting this age group very soon! I think my son would love the more laid back environment and quietness here during the day. While Royal Caribbean says they are Autism Friendly their program for those aged 3-11 have a semi rigid schedule they have to follow if they are in the camp. The alternative is staying with the parents the whole time.

The Music Studio looked like fun!

More cool sitting areas. I wish they had spots like this through out the ship! I think it would be used more in open spaces than restricted to the teen area.

Click here to see the Daily Planners for the Children's program!

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