Disney's new DAS (Disability Access Service program) review

I had the privilege of testing out Disney's new disability service program on opening day and was impressed with how prepared they were. There were lots of extra staff throughout the park and our wait at guest relations was less than 10 minutes! In fact a lady pulled us out of line and used her tablet to set up our account! Here is the line at Hollywood Studios.

Here is the new booklet/card that they are using. They have to take a picture of one member of your party to use as identification and it will list your name, the number in your party and the length of your stay. You will only have to go to guest relations once to obtain this card! 

I've read lots of gossip about the new program prior to it's release on October 9th and I am happy to say that many things I heard were incorrect! 

When you approach the FastPass kiosk you show them your card and they will write a return time for you. You can return anytime after the listed time. The downside is that you only get 1 attraction/ride at a time and can't get a new one added till the current one is crossed out. 
It can be frustrating getting a fast pass return time but it is still better than waiting in line.

There were a few character meet and greet areas where they let us bypass the line and wait to the side for a short time before meeting the characters. Wreck it Ralph was one. As soon as the lady saw my son toughing people and acting up in line she escorted us to the side and we saw him within 5 minutes. Another one was Buzz and Woody, they took us through the back door. All the others we waited for or skipped if it was to long.

If you express concern with waiting in line as an issue they do offer an express FastPass option. Our cast member gave us 3 sets to use in case we got to a point that things were to much for us to handle. We were informed that if we used all 3 sets that we could return to guest services and request more. These FastPass tickets must be obtained daily each time you enter a new park.

Since most rides offer accessible entrances stopping at guest services will not be needed when you enter the park. 

If someone in your party has visual issues you just let them know at the attraction/show entrance. You will not need a pass for this. 

I know that not everyone will love the new program and it will take Disney time to fine tune it as with any new program. For now I'm happy with it! Over the next 2 days I will be testing it in the other parks to see how they are handling all of it. Well that is all for now. I will post an update later in the week after we've tried it at another park. 

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