Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom

Disney is always coming up with new activities to entertain you while visiting their parks. On our most recent trip my children enjoyed Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom. When you arrive inside the Magic Kingdom you will see a small building to the right of the guest services location that says Sorcerer's.
Inside a cast member will walk you through the process and set up an account attaching it to your park ticket or magic band. You can have multiple tickets/bands attached to one account. By doing this each member of your party can receive a deck of cards every day they check in. Each pack contains 5 spell cards with a total if 70 cards.
Here is a Cast Member training my son.

We ran into a few families that had big binders or baggies of cards and wanted to trade their duplicates. Our first experience with this was a young lady that saw my bouncing asperger son and daughter in a wheel chair and just gave her duplicates to my children. There still are amazing people out there! My son then turned around and felt compelled to offer up a card or 2 to another family telling them he needed to pay it forward. Ahhhh, heart warming moments.
Once you have your spell cards, map and key card (main card that identifies you) your ready for your first mission.

All locations are randomly generated by the computer system. Certain cast members are willing to input a location for you. This was great for us when we were only an hour from park closing and stopped at the Sorcerer's location in Liberty Square.
The 4 areas are:
Main Street
Liberty Square and Frontierland

At the end of each mask location it will show a picture of the next location as well as a symbol which will help you locate it on the map.

Liberty Square

 Main Street

Since there are 70 cards available you have many options to choose from when it comes time to casting your spell.

There are cameras in each window and it seems that holding your card out in front of you facing the window about 3 feet back (on the mask symbol) yields the best results. I thought the funniest one was Pumba! My son loved Prince Naveen's frog spell best but when he told Prince Naveen about it he said we had to find Princess Tiana's spell card for hot sauce! I loved that the characters in the park knew about the cards! I guess we will look for that one in our next visit!

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