Florida's Lego Land for those with Special Needs

LegoLand Florida has there own special needs program in place called Assisted Access Pass. I didn't know this till we were in a line and my son started bouncing and pretend shooting people and my daughter in her wheel chair was being petted on the head by other kids. One of the employees at the attraction we were in the ride for called a supervisor over to the attraction, he wrote us up a pass and told us to have a great day! 

All the attractions are listed on the back of the card, as well as the number traveling in your party and the date of your visit. 

When you take the card up to the exit of a ride/attraction they will write in a return time for you. The great thing about LegoLand's program is that you can have multiple return times at once and can use them anytime after the return time has arrived. We only had 2 attractions give us return times, the rest put a dash on the card and let us on the ride. The card also has multiple spots for children that want to return to a ride after they exit it. 

When they gave us the card we were told that the express entrance was for the child listed on the card and 1 adult to accompany said child. There were 4 in our party total and we didn't experience this at all in the park. They may enforce it for larger parties and busier times. We were there during Brick or Treat which was on a Saturday.

Most of the park was accessible with the exception of the Junior Driving School. There was a curb at the entrance at the exit to the attraction. Of course the child will need to press a pedal to make the vehicle go but my daughter needed her chair for the wait in line. 


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As with any Florida amusement park, be prepared for the sun! Sunscreen, hats, water/spray bottles..... For a kid with special needs it can escalate all kinds of issues if there body gets over heated! 

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