Florida's Lego Land

I've had a few friends visit Lego Land in Florida since it's opening and say that there wasn't much to do but build...... Well, they were all WRONG! My kids built nothing in the 5 hours we were there, even though there were many opportunities to do so. We rode rides and explored the park the whole time. We would have stayed longer but after 6 days in Disney World they were exhausted and just wanted to lay down and relax. 
LegoLand Florida also has a water park within the Park for a small additional fee. 

I thought Boating School was hard! It seemed like all the adults were taking over the steering and even then the boats were still getting stuck!

AQUAZONE Wave Racers were fun! You basically rode around in a circle and had the option of swinging your little boat out from the circle. There were water cannons that went off regularly so you never knew when you were going to get splashed! 

No visit to LegoLand is complete with out a stroll through MiniLand! See replicas of iconic buildings throughout the world. There is even a Star Wars area! :-)

My daughter was extremely excited when she saw the carousel. Her exact comment was "I didn't even know they could make it 2 stories high!" Of course we had to ride on the upper deck. It was a great beginning and ending to our day in LegoLand. Oh, and there was never more than a 5 minute wait for the carousel. The biggest complaint was that it was a short ride.

Most of the rides offered little areas for kids to build while the parents held their place in line. The only down side to this is there was 2 exits to the enclosed area. One was into the line of the attraction while the other was to the area right at the entrance. If you have a kid that listens and stays put then this is great but if you have a runner it can be a challenge if you only have 1 adult in your party. The best thing to do is designate one person to wait in the line while the other hangs with the kids and then switch for the next ride!

Let the Travel Depot set up your visit to LegoLand on your next trip to Florida!



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