Pirate Night Aboard the Disney Magic Cruise Ship

After coming back from touring the island and enjoying the pool areas, we found these in our cabins! Our family was very excited for pirate night. 

Many people throughout the ship were dressed up in their pirate gear. I took a pirate hat craft kit for the kids to make while we were getting ready. It gave my husband and I a chance to relax and they were excited to make their own! I also packed these swords that I found at 5 and Below. They were $5 each and lit up! They fit in a large garment bag. Swords and other pirate gear is welcome, just stick to foam and plastic! Especially if you have kids that like to use them as swords!

All the characters were dressed up in pirate attire. 

I bought white T-shirts at a craft store and cut triangles into the neck, arms and bottoms. Then I bought red stretchy fabric, cut it into long strips and used it as a tie around our waist. I spent less than $10 on our costumes and we had a blast. I highly suggest dressing up!

Chip and Dale leaving the lobby.

In between dinners there was a game called A Pirates Life for Me! The lounge was packed and it was fun to watch. Our daughter even enjoyed one of the games, swabbing the deck! They had more than a dozen people from the audience on the stage and really had the crowd involved.

The kids menu at dinner was a pirate hat. 

We had a bad patch of weather, but the captain steered us out of it. All the cast members, I mean pirates, had to swab the deck so it was ready for the show!

Getting the party started.

My daughter uses a wheelchair and one of the cast members had us sit under the pavillion. There was a sign for handicap people there, but without them telling us, we wouldn't have known. We had a seat right to the side of the stage. Minnie came over and gave my daughter a hug and pretended to have a chat with her. There were many heart melting moments on this vacation for us!

A fun video of the characters doing the Dinosaur!

Captain Hook came out and took control of everyone! 

Mickey ziplined above the crowd and signaled the start of the fireworks!

The fireworks made the night even more special!

They only had one side open for the pirate buffet! We waited about 20 minutes and was all excited when we see people walk out with strawberries! We hadn't seen any all week and we were about to ditch the buffet till we saw them. By the time we got to the food, they were out! Seriously? The food looked good though. We enjoyed some dessert. 

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