Pool areas aboard the Disney Magic Cruise Ship

The Disney Magic has 3 main pools. one is a wading pool with a play area around it, one is a family pool, and the last one is an adults only pool.

The yellow water slide was lots of fun. Not to fast, not to slow, just right. 

Surprisingly this wasn't to bad for the hot tubs! There were times that we walked by to see them packed with kids! Early in the morning or dinner time was the least crowded.

This was the kids pool area while in port one afternoon. It's about 2 feet deep. Between the pool and the yellow slide is the Aqua Lab play area.

We pressed all the buttons on Donald, but it didn't seem to be working correctly. Disney offers life vests for all kids. There were stands throughout the deck where you could pick one up. 

This kept filling up and spraying all over.

We had fun spinning this to make the buckets drop water all over us. Thankfully the water wasn't too cold!

There were rarely toddlers in the toddler area. Water squirted out of Huey, Dewey, Louie. 

The Nephews; Splash Zone blueprint.

Height restriction for the Twist and Spout (yellow) water slide.

The Aqua Dunk is the big water attraction on the Disney Magic. We never waited more than 20 minutes.

The Aqua Dunk is located off the main pool. The hike is about 3 stories up. But the plunge is worth it! After waiting in a short line for about 15 minutes, the guy wouldn't let me go down with my camera in hand. Even though he just let the guy in front of me go down with his hat and sunglasses in hand... I'm going to assume he just didn't approve of videos being taken, there are some videos on youtube if you'd like to see a video of it. My husband was impressed with the drop, my son freaked out half way down the slide and tried to slow himself down. He got lectured by the cast member when he exited the slide, about keeping his feet and arms close to his body on the slide. No worries, he was to scared to go down again! We did not see the line get long on this slide the whole cruise, and the sailing was sold out.

View from the line of the Aqua Dunk. The ship was in port this day so you can see it wasn't very crowded.

Tried the pool area after 4pm one day and we were so HAPPY that we did! It was empty! Just a few kids and adults. We easily found chairs, and didn't get "bumped into" while in the pool by other people.

I highly suggest skipping dinner one night if your children are overwhelmed in the pool area! It was so nice for my kids to be able to have fun without tons of people crowding around them. Dining options if you skip dinner in the main dining room: Cabanas for table service, Pete's Broiler Bites, grab Pizza before 6pm, or order room service!

The adults only area, rarely had more than 20 people in the water area. The bar next to the pool is called Signals. It was rarely busy but when I tried to get a drink one afternoon, I waited for 10 minutes and then gave up. It was very quiet every time we walked through this area. This pool is located forward of the ship, and to get to the forward elevators you will see quite a few families walk through the area. Smoking is also permitted in certain areas on this deck.

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