Main Dining Room menus aboard the Disney Magic Cruise Ship

Disney Cruise Line likes to shake things up when it comes to dining. As with any cruise you are assigned a table number and a wait staff, but on Disney you rotate nightly through 3 restaurants. Spending each night at a different restaurant is great since you get a different atmosphere each night. 

On this sailing we decided to go with the early show (6pm) and the late dinner (8:15pm). Our biggest issue was finding something to eat for lunch super late, since the options are limited and mostly fast food! Here are some pictures of our menus and food from a 7 day Eastern Caribbean sailing over Halloween. I got most of the menus but forgot to take pictures of the food before diving into it each night!
Day 1

There was a separate children's menu for each night with typical picky kid choices.

Children's menu - Cheeseburger.

Mickey Bars! They are on the kids menu every night. You can also ask for them from room service, even though it's not on that menu.

Children's menu - Strawberry Shortcake

Carioca's Ice Cream Sundae, it had caramel apples in the bottom. 

Day 2 
This was our formal night and we were excited to dine at Lumiere's. First my daughter had us go to karaoke so she could sing before dinner! It just happened to be the Captain's meet and greet night and they were handing out free drinks in the lounge. YUM! They even made my kids Shirley Temples. 

Porcini Mushroom Ravioli on the left and Roasted Rack of Lamb is on the right.

Dessert menu
The waiters with our daughter and her ice cream sundae topped with Mickey sprinkles! She was happy to wear her Belle dress. Most children are running around in costume throughout the ship. At any given time you will run into a kid in costume!

Day 3 Art of Animation is a fun restaurant with a show! 

The screens show black and white drawings throughout the meal and end with colored animation clips. Kids menu - pizza
Black Truffle Pasta Pursettes on the left and Baked Potato with Cheddar Cheese Soup.

Penne Bolognse and Lemon-Thyme Marinated All Natural Chicken Breast with Root Vegetables.

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sundae and White Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake.

The final show included the Blue Fairy bringing Pinocchio to life.

At the end of the meal Mickey comes out and parades around! The waiters are in black and white throughout dinner and then when Mickey comes out they all come out with colorful vests.

Day 4 
Pirate Night! Disney's biggest themed cruise night is well known. Once you experience, you will agree, it is the best night!

The kids menu doubles as a pirate hat. 

My yummy drink was called the Captain's Treasure.

The waiter insisted that we have the Rum Soaked Chocolate Cake. He said that he poured extra rum on it and not to share with the kids. 

Day 5 
We were on the ship for 7 nights and yet we were struggling to pack all the activities in! We are not fans of fast food and prefer sit down meals so we ate at Cabana's. For breakfast and lunch it is a buffet, but for dinner they turn into a sit down restaurant. We requested them to be as quick as possible, and while it was quicker than eating in the main dining room, it wasn't super quick! We went to a movie at 5:45, grabbed a quick dinner and then ran to the 8pm show to see The Dream Goes On!

The waiters/waitresses order our meals at the buffet and bring it to us. They also had a self serve salad bar area.
I had a New York Strip Steak and I can't remember what kind of dessert I had. I didn't like what was on the menu and asked for something else. 

Day 6
Back at Animator's Palate to make our own animated characters. There was no option for an appetizer tonight, they brought out an assorted plate for the table to share.

When you get to your table your waiter will give you this page where you draw your own character. At the end of the meal everyones will show up on the screen in a little show.

This was the best appetizer we saw on the children's menu all week! This is more of what my children eat when we are at home and since everything off the children's menu seemed to have a touch of Mickey, my kids insisted on eating off of it. On other cruise lines they order off the adult menu and usually make much healthier choices. For example on Carnival my son enjoys trying the appetizers that you don't see on a typical menu, like Alligator or Shark! If they would have had this appetizer earlier in the week, I would have asked for it nightly. Remember, you can make special requests to your wait staff. They are usually eager to please for tips at the end of the week.

Mickey announcing dinner!

On the left is some of the appetizer on the regular menu. On the right is Oven Roasted Tom Turkey Breast.

Create your own cupcake, that of course comes in the shape of Mickey's head!

On Halloween you get this cool spider desert in addition to your regular dessert choices. Earlier in the week I saw Princess Aurora's Ice Cream Sundae on a menu, but never on the menu when we sat down to eat! I asked my waiter for it 2 nights in a row and on the second night he was all excited to bring me 2! It was Rocky Road Ice Cream and tasted homemade! Very yummy!

Sweet Temptations - dessert trio

Day 7
How is it day 7 already? We were back at Carioca's for the 3rd and final time. The morning of departure your breakfast is in the restaurant where you have dinner the last night.

Grilled Potato and Goat Cheese on the left and on the right is Potato and Leek Soup.

I finally remember to take a picture of the bread basket! The selection varies nightly. Off the kids menu is Breaded Turkey Breast.

Baked Alaska

Sweet Temptation dessert trio

Celebration Cake and Chocolate Decadence 
Sometimes I require 3 desserts! Don't judge! The trio didn't have all that I wanted to try so the waiter said he'd surprise me. He brought all 3 to my seat!

Day 8 Breakfast! So sad it is time to go home. This was the only morning that we ate in the dining room. We aren't morning people and never made it to the MDR for breakfast. In fact we only had time once to eat lunch in the MDR! 

I hope you enjoyed reading all about the main dining room options aboard the Disney Magic. Please contact me with any questions that you may have or to start planning your next magical vacation! 
Are you hungry yet?

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