Dining at Palo (adults only restaurant) aboard Disney Magic Cruise Ship

For a surcharge of $25 per person, adults can dine (with reservations) at Palo. 
We enjoyed brunch on our last sea day, and I have to say that this was the best meal I ate while on board the Disney Magic. Reservations can be made prior to departure but there was no availability and we had to wait till we boarded the ship. Once we took care of character meet-n-greet tickets I headed up to Palo and had multiple times to choose from. This was a great experience for us, the main dining rooms can be very loud during every meal so it was wonderful to enjoy a relaxing meal in a much quieter environment. 
This was my first plate.... Yes, there were many that followed! Lots of fresh ingredients as you can see.

Every person has a choice of complimentary Mimosa or Prosecco.

Seafood Buffet

The bakery selection

Amazing Sticky Buns soaking in deliciousness! 

Cheese, vegetables, fruits and some bread options.

My favorite area, dessert! I was so excited to see strawberries here! We only saw them on Pirate Night and by the time we made it to the buffet they were out!

I've read countless blogs about how amazing the Chicken Parmigan was at Palo, while it was good, I didn't feel like it was any better than I make at home. There were a variety of gourmet pizzas to choose from also. 

Our waiter was disappointed that we didn't eat more, so he sent us back to the cabin with an array of yummy desserts. My son was very excited to see Chocolate covered strawberries waiting when he returned from camp that afternoon.
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