The Spa aboard the Disney Magic

Like most large cruise lines, Disney offers a variety of work out equipment. Every time I've ever stopped in any of the workout rooms on-board the ships, there seems to be many open machines. Although very early in the morning seems to be the most crowded.

All of Disney Cruise Lines ships offer full service spas. The Fantasy even offers a Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boutique!

They have a full menu of services available and even have a private room for some services that they offer. 

You can pre-purchase a 1 day pass in advance to the Rain Forest Spa. It is listed on the shipboard gift form.
When you check in at the spa desk they give you a band to get into the spa area. If you are having a massage or other spa service you automatically have access to the Rain Forest Spa area.
Depending on how busy they are at the desk, they will escort you to the locker rooms. It was hard to find a locker that was empty and lockable. They also didn't seem to restock the robes frequently.
There is also a dry spa in each of the locker rooms. The downside is the women's is directly under the basketball court and you could hear the ball banging the deck! I enjoyed having it to myself though.
Here is the entrance to the Rain Forest.
To the right of the entrance is a counter with water and tea.

This is what you see as soon as you enter the Rain Forest room. Directly in front of you is a fountain. To the left are four heated loungers. There are 3 sauna rooms of different levels of temperature and humidity. There are also 3 showers that are supposed to each offer a different experience but didn't seem to be working well when we used them. We tried them all for a few seconds and then moved into the sauna rooms. There is also soap dispensers in the shower spa areas, but it is so dark that you can't see what any of them are. There is also soft music playing throughout the spa area.
Don't forget bathing suits are required in the spa area. There are plenty of towels available in the spa area.
The glass doors are 2 of the saunas. The rounded wall spots are where the showers are tucked in. They are sort of semi private with the way they are designed. On the Fantasy they are open and everyone can see into them. There is a bench straight ahead, but it was cold. 

I think we spent the most time in this sauna room. I took a book in with me and just relaxed. My husband and I spent time here in the afternoon together and then I enjoyed it so much that I went back later that evening before our late seating dinner.

All three sauna experience rooms have multiples faucets and hoses to rinse off as needed.

The moisture in the other two rooms was too much to get a photo of. We didn't last more than a few minutes in those either! 

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Hope you enjoyed a few pictures of the spa, message me if you have any questions!
Jennifer Hennequant



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