Halloween on the High Seas! Cruising on the Disney Magic

We sailed on the Disney Magic over Halloween week, here is my take on what my family thought!

When we arrived back in our cabin after breakfast we found a treat bag for each child with a few pieces of candy in each bag. We saw a few adults without children on-board asking cast members for one and were repeatedly told no. Not sure if that is a ship wide thing or left to each ship to decide. We were on the last Halloween sailing for the season.

Each bag had just a few pieces of candy. Each of the pictures below is from a different bag. 

 Looking down onto the early Halloween party. They offered 2 sessions. The first was at 4pm and the second was 10pm. We took some pictures from an upper deck at the early session and then enjoyed the later session with our kids. There were more little kids at the earlier session, but the later session had more adults trying to participate which can make it difficult for shorter people to get involved.

A party with Pluto in the D Lounge. This was held between the main dining sessions. There were quite a few kids that crowded around him but it wasn't too busy. Check the Navigator for lounge and time on your sailing!

Here you can see how the kids crowded around Pluto to dance. It looks worse than it really was!

Many people were dressed on-board the ship. Here you see Vanellope and Ralph from Wreck it Ralph. She was even handing out candy to all the kids that passed. There were no children in their party, they just enjoyed themselves and shared with everyone! On the far right was one of the children from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Spider cake dessert served in the main dining room. This was automatically brought out to each table in addition to the dessert you select off the menu. 1 per table.

There were a few tables set up where you could collect candy. Each table put a small handful into the kids bag. I think there were 4 tables total... They were firm on the start time too, a few people walked by before the official start and were told not yet.

Multiple characters came out of Lumire's and danced on the stage/platform. I think it would be cool to eat at Lumire's on this night. Or whatever restaurant is right off the main lobby! On performance nights you have to enter the restaurant from an alternative entrance on the side. It is also known as the handicap entrance.

After the characters danced on stage they spread out and danced with the crowds. At one point Pluto grabbed a handful of candy and started throwing it everywhere. Got kind of crazy for a few minutes!

Bye Pluto! All the characters were announced and waved good bye at the end of the party. 

All the characters left through Lumiere's restaurant. 

Many people enjoyed watching the entertainment from the upper decks. If you aren't a fan of people getting close, than this is a great option to enjoy the fun but also keep your space from others.

The Adults only "Halloween Isn't Just for Kids" was a lot of fun! We enjoyed seeing all the costumes and watching the judging. There were laughs through out the lounge/night club area and everyone seemed to enjoy the show and see the winners! There were Cast Members in costume circulating the room handing out chocolates that were much tastier than the ones the kids received! One group that I didn't have a good picture of was Hugh Hefner and his 80+ year old Play Boy Bunnies! 

There were some great Disney inspired costumes! One group that we loved was Lock, Shock and Barrel from The Nightmare Before Christmas! 

The Toaster Strudel man was hilarious! He had his lines down in a great accent and even did a little plie at the end!

From left to right you can see Remy in the hat of his chef, Mary Poppins and Burt, Sully and some other monster, Jesse and Woody, and another Sully! Great costume ideas!

The Sanderson sisters were fantastic too! As well as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!

The adults got better quality chocolates in the lounge. We would have loved to stick around longer but the judging was still going strong at midnight, which is when the children's camp/program shuts down! Our phone buzzed at 15 minutes and 5 minutes till midnight to remind us we still had children! :-) 

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