Carnival Cruise Lines Camp Carnival Schedules for ages 2-5, 6-8, and 9-11

The first night of your sailing there will be a Family Welcome Aboard Party in the night club. Our family has learned that we all have a better week on-board the ship when we attend this party! Parents are able to meet the counselors, ask them questions, express any concerns they may have and introduce them to your children. On our last sailing, none of the parents got up to dance with the kids except for me and I won a ship on a stick for participating. 

Carnival has one of the most rigid children's programs at sea. Everything is structured, if your child is not interested in participating in something they suggest they sit and watch... We had our son take a book with in case we didn't get back to camp to get him fast enough. For most children, this is not an issue. For those that aren't fans of extreme structure, there is always the option to fill out the special needs forms with any concerns or issues. I am hoping that in comping years Carnival will make improvements to their Camp Carnival programs.

Depending on the activity and the number of children on board, Carnival combines the 6-8 and 9-11 year old groups for certain activities.   

 At 9 years old children aboard Carnival have the option to sign themselves out of Camp. Parents also have the right to waive the option requiring them to be signed in and out. On our last sailing my son had recently turned 9 and he was the only one over 8 years old who had "over protective" parents. It seemed like majority of the parents let their children have the ability to sign themselves out.

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