Dining aboard the Disney Magic Cruise Ship

Day 1
After taking care of a few things after boarding we headed to Carioca's for a small buffet lunch with drink service. The main buffet, Cabana's, was also open. We had a heavy breakfast so I just sampled a few things. The chicken topped with peppers and onions was delicious.

Day 2
Afternoon snack time! Mickey Ice Cream Bars are not on the room service menu, but you can request it when you call. 

Day 3

We were off the ship most of the day so no food to show!
Day 4 
We aren't big breakfast people so most days we would grab an early lunch and then order room service late in the afternoon or grab something from Pete's Broiler Bites, Daisy Delites, or pizza. The pizza is Amy's frozen pizza. 

Here are some pictures of the lunch buffet at Cabanas.

In addition to the hot buffet there was a cold area with salads and fruits as well as a bakery area with breads and desserts. Disney is firm on the buffet hours. They start pulling stuff a few minutes before the cut off time.

We LOVE dessert in our family! This was shared between me and my 2 children.

Room service

Decent BLT, I don't think that one is hard to make though. I was disappointed that there was only one salad option on the menu. I asked if I could just have a plain salad no cheese and they said no. Apparently they are made up in advance. On Carnival, most of it is made to order. 

I enjoyed the oatmeal raisin more than the chocolate chip because they were a lot softer!

 This was the line for the buffet after the pirate show! After 20 minutes of waiting, a cast member told anyone that only wanted dessert only to jump the line, so we went right in. On the regular buffet I saw everything from burgers to crab legs! I saw people walking out with plates of strawberries which was why we waited in the line to start with, but by the time we got inside, they were out! I even asked multiple cast members and got no where. This was the only time all week that I saw strawberries outside of the Palo.

Day 5
We had so much going on all week and decided to hit Cabana's for it's sit down dinner. We saw Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day at 6pm, ran for a quick dinner at Cabana's and tried to rush to see the 8pm show. We let the wait staff know when we arrived and they said no problem..... Still, they weren't very quick. They have a salad bar where you serve yourself and then everything else is ordered through your waiter. When you are seated, they ask for your table number for the main dining room and record it so your wait staff will know that you won't be there. 
The buffet is not open during dinner. The waiters collect your food from that area and serve you.

My steak and vegetables for dinner.

Day 6
We enjoyed brunch at Palo while the kids played in camp. I blogged about that separately, so check it out!Our week was so hectic, we only ate lunch in the main dining room once. I wish we would have had more time to do so!Here was the lunch menu that was being served in Lumire's. There is only one sit down restaurant opened for lunch each day.

Day 7
 Yummy sunrise drink

Daisy Delites was open for breakfast and lunch with quick bite options. Think continental breakfast with cereal and yogurt. For lunch they had a variety of fruit slices and sandwiches available. None of it is self serve.

Back to the buffet for breakfast. There were plenty of options for everyone. Even Disney's signature Mickey Mouse Waffles. 
Day 8
Goodbye Breakfast: We enjoyed breakfast in Carioca's. Wherever your last dinner happens to be, is where your breakfast will be the last morning. 

If you really want something and don't see it on the menu, don't be afraid to ask for it. This is usually possible with most requests. There was an ice cream sundae I saw on one of the menus for a different restaurant than we were eating and our waiter was able to get me the sundae! 



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