Fun Water Areas on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas

I think the pictures say it all here! There are multiple water areas aboard the Oasis of the Seas! 

Looking out over the port of Fort Lauderdale, waiting to sail away!

The fun H2O Zone and pool area for kids! This was as soon as we boarded, and the only time it was empty! 

One of many hot tubs, this one was always filled with kids!

On the other side of the octopus is the toddler splash pool. Diapers are ONLY permitted in this part of the pool. It is a complete circle and separated out from the rest of the H2O zone. While some people don't like this, I must say it is better than most other cruise lines that don't offer any water play area for those that are still in diapers.

This seal is located within the baby pool. You can see the short plexiglass screen trying to show that the space is separate from the main H2O area.


The yellow sculpture with the tiny bit of pink is another view of the toddler pool. It is the only area that has a short plexiglass wall around it too.

The pool was about this full through the duration of our cruise.

This fast moving deep pool was fun. Kind of like a lazy river, no rafts though. They even had an employee monitoring  the entrance most of the time, and they wouldn't let kids in under a certain height without an adult.

They don't seem to have the best drainage system in place on the pool deck. This was after a quick storm that swept through. The storm caused the sail away deck party to be cancelled.

I loved the little areas that were cut into the wall with loungers. We saw many people napping here. It seems like a great spot to relax outside but still be out of the sun! I was surprised to be able to find one anytime I wanted too!

There were plenty of seats throughout the pool decks to relax and enjoy the beautiful view! The seats that were always taken first were right along the pool.

The zipline entrance is just ahead, and to the right is one of two surf simulators. Don't forget to fill out all of the waivers before you sail! There is one for ice skating, rock climbing, zip lining, and surfing on the Oasis of the Seas.

It's fun watching people wipe out!

I absolutely loved the Hot Tubs that were right before the entrance to the adults only area. Kids are permitted in this one, but there is a sign reminding everyone that an adult is required. If you do take children in these, remind them they are to be a calm and relaxing place, not a hot swimming pool to splash in. I suggest keeping the splashers in the ones near the family pools.

2 of the large pools on the ship. Left is the beach pool, and then a sports pool on the other side. The cabins you are seeing are overlooking Central Park.

The Beach Pool was always full of drinking adults and they didn't seem very welcoming to children. Hopefully it was just on this sailing that we experienced this. 

They had bands or a DJ on the deck between the pool areas playing daily. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Let me know if you have any questions. Please contact me to book your next Royal Caribbean Cruise! There are no fees when you book your cruise through me!
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