Top 5 reasons you need to try out Carnival Cruise Lines

I constantly hear from clients and friends that they don't like Carnival even though they have never sailed on them, they feel this way simply because they heard something bad! Sadly many of them are missing out on a great Cruise Line. When someone has a bad experience they tell everyone, but when that same person has a good experience, they don't share it the same way. Also, Carnival doesn't jump when there is bad news about them, they fix the situation and move on from there.  Here are my family's top reasons why we love Carnival and you should consider them as your next family vacation!

#1 - Ports visited in the Caribbean 

On Carnival Cruise Lines my family has visited Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Honduras, Belize, and multiple ports in Mexico!
Disney has 4 ships and they all pretty much follow the same itinerary schedule month after month.
Their newer ships the Fantasy and Dream sail year round out of Port Canaveral. The older ships float between a few departure ports, but no where close to the number of ports that Carnival offers!
I absolutely loved Curacao! It was easy to get around with my daughter in a wheelchair from the ship too. Very few ports are easy to get around by foot/wheelchair as Curacao is. We enjoyed strolling through the floating markets and shops without being haggled as we've been in the more common ports that ships stop at.

#2 - Departure Ports!
I guarantee you are closer to a Carnival departure port than a Disney one. Carnival even sails from all the departure ports that Disney does! New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, New Orleans, California.... Where is your closest port? Message me to plan your cruise from the best port near you!

#3 - Dining... mmm Pizza!

Carnival Cruise Lines MAKES their pizza on board! You can see them mix the dough, toss it and add your toppings. The great thing about this is that you can make special requests. We love the quality pizza aboard Carnival ships. On Carnival you can get pizza 24 hours a day. It was great to have pizza for breakfast one morning!

Disney Cruise Lines Magic Ship uses BOXED Amy's organic pizza, do I really need to say more? Pizza is only offered during certain times in the afternoon. My kids said the pizza in the dining room was different tasting, so not sure if it is boxed there. I'm not a fan of my children eating pizza at dinner on a ship when there are so many other great options on the adult menu. The newer ships do make their pizzas on board but again they are only available during certain times of the day.

 I can't find a picture of the salad from Carnival but it gave you the option of Caesar or plain. Disney only offers Caesar salad on the room service menu. When I asked Disney if I could just get a plain salad they said no, that the food for room service is pre-made... Disney didn't even have veggies and dip as an option on the room service menu! 

#4 - Downtime! 
On Disney we felt like we had to do everything, because it was Disney and it cost us $$$!!! On Carnival, we all read a book, played some card games together as a family, relaxed through dinner. Laid on the top deck and star gazed after dinner.. While Carnival has activities around the clock, we didn't feel that urge to do EVERYTHING. It is amazing how much of our time on Disney is sucked up by waiting for events to start and meeting characters.
My family enjoys taking a card game to the promenade to play before dinner a few days throughout the week. We walk off of a Carnival Ship feeling like we got quality time together and feel relaxed, not stressed!

#5 - Casino!! 
Disney does not offer casinos, ALL Carnival ships have one! I don't think this needs more explaining!

If you are still nervous about sailing on Carnival, consider their 110% Guarantee! If you realize in the first 24 hours of sailing that you are on the worst vacation of your life, Carnival will get you home and offer you a future shipboard credit incase you want to give it another try. I have NEVER had a client use this program!

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