St. Thomas USVI - Marriott Frenchman's Wharf

Spent the day at the Marriott  Frenchman's Wharf and fell in love with the resort that is spread over many acres. The resort boasts 4 pools, one which is an infinity pool with a swim up bar, a kids splash area (which was in the process of being built when we visited), spa, fitness center, meeting space, 450 hotel rooms, multiple bars and restaurants, water activities, plus tons more! 
When you leave the lobby the outside areas are layered all the way down to the beach. The first layer is an infinity pool. In this area there is plenty of seating and lounge beds to relax.
 You can see on the map that the property is spread out quite a bit. 

The beautiful view from the open air lobby.

The first pool we encountered. The infinity pool also has a swim up bar. This pool was very busy while the others were much quieter. 

I love these! The perfect spot to spend the afternoon with a good book.

 View from the pool deck

It really doesn't matter where you are on the island, the views are breathtaking! 

You can see the cruise pier from the side of the resort on the upper pool deck. 

When you leave the upper pool area and pass the conference rooms, you will find stairs to the left that lead to the tennis courts, another pool, bar/restaurant and the beach! 

There are a few signs throughout the resort about the wildlife. We had a few iguanas stand in our path! It's their home, so don't disturb them. 

Um, excuse me mister iguana, may we pass?

Tennis courts near the beach. You can see one of many buildings that hold hotel rooms.

Nice boardwalk between the tennis courts and the beach.

We enjoyed the pool by the ocean. It was much quieter than the upper pools and we had it to ourselves for almost an hour. 

We spent a whole day at this resort and while the resort says they are family friendly, our children were the only ones here. It was October, so school was in session, but I thought it odd that we did not see any other children at the resort. 
The resort is very nice, and really has everything you would need for a vacation.  Overall, we weren't impressed with majority of the staff. They seemed bothered or annoyed when asked for something with the exception of the employees near the pool that were serving or tending the towel area. The big downside is how spread out it is. In addition to it being spread out, there are steps everywhere. If someone in your party tires easily or has any medical issues, please consider other resorts. I'd be happy to make some suggestions! Just send me an e-mail.



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