Star Wars in Hollywood Studios

We recently enjoyed all the updates at Hollywood Studios and loved all the added Star Wars themed stuff!

The updated Star Tours was lots of fun! Make sure you set up a fast pass in advance for this one!

As soon as you enter the park head over to sign your children up for Jedi Training ~ Trials of the Temple! This is a fantastic interactive experience and children get to battle the bad characters from Star Wars! 

After you've entered the park head to the left towards Indian Jones and look for the Temple sign!

Sign up happens inside the back of the Indian Jones gift shop. Please remember that the child MUST be present, so you can't have an adult run ahead and register them! This is done on a first come first serve basis and can fill up fast during peak times. When we arrived in January, an hour after the park opened, my children got the 4th scheduled time of the day and there was only 2 more sessions after them. 

When you return at your designated time things can be a little hectic and there can be a bit of a wait while everyone checks in. I suggest grabbing a snack or drink before heading over. 

Once every child has checked in, they have them stand together in preparation of the walk over to the stage in front of the Star Tours Attraction. They try hard to make sure every child within the age requirement is able to participate regardless of disability. They do ask the children a few questions at check in to make sure they will be able to follow the directions and not cause any problems.

They start by getting instructions from their trainer. The whole thing is done as a show. So even if your child doesn't get in or doesn't want to participate, it is fun to watch!

Enjoy this clip of the children getting ready to battle Darth Vader! The little one in the wheel chair is my 9 year old daughter. She loved it until the doors opened and she panicked! Even with her getting upset and stepping off the stage midway through it, she is glad that she participated!

After fighting Darth Vader enjoy a delicious cupcake located in quick service locations throughout the park.

If you are on the dining plan, these yummy things count as a snack credit! Plus, if you want to get one to go at the end of the day, Starbucks has them ready to go in plastic containers, just remember they close well before the park closes! I think I was crankier than the children were when we had planned to get them on the way out and ALL of the places had closed when the fireworks started! Multiple cast members directed us to other locations that they swore were open, but NONE of them were! To make it worse, we were staying at the Fort Wilderness Cabins, and none of the food locations are open late at night.

Some cool things that we saw when we entered the Star Wars Launch Bay. 

Storm Troopers patrolling the entrance to meet other Star Wars characters. Most people passed by them since they tell you to keep moving or move along. They were more than happy to stop and pose for pictures with us. 

After we visited with the characters we headed toward the exit but my children had to stop and play video games! There were multiple platforms and games to choose from. 

Just in case you were interested in owning a Darth Vader Costume....

A Galactic Spectacular Fireworks! Here is a clip of the fantastic new fireworks show in Hollywood Studios. We loved it! It was a very rainy day so there were quite a few clouds in the sky but the rain stopped long enough for us to enjoy it.

He gives wonderful hugs! Till next time Chewy! 

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